DuploPress is a publishing platform with publishing activity for print products, located in Stuttgart. Risography is a digital duplicating printing process that is designed for the printing of higher short runs and is particularly environmentally friendly and energy saving. The editions published at DuploPress are not only printed on high-quality papers, they are also characterized by a multicolored color separations. DuploPress has two machines of the MZ series, a MZ770 as well as an MZ970 and is based on a reportoire of 12 colors, including metallic gold and white!

DuploPress is part of a diploma thesis by Sven Tillack, which was written in the summer semester 2017 at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart under the supervision of Professor Uli Cluss. Sven Tillack has looked after the Risographs MZ 770 of the Academy for more than 4 years and is thus looking down on a multi-layered knowledge of the risk.

A major component of the philosophy of DuploPress is not the distribution of RISO-processed products, the transfer of knowledge about risk. This knowledge is summarized among others in the (digital) publication “Exploriso”. The knowledge provided here is generally valid for the risk, but some parts within the wiki may be specific to the devices of the MZ series, e.g. 770 or 970.

In addition to file processing aids, it is also possible to download multichannel color profiles for the risographen in order to separate images via image processing software like Adobe Photoshop into several Riso basic colors.

The publication Exploriso: Low tech Fine Art has 176 pages and is printed in offset. Inside the book, there is an 11-color printed RISO part, in which not only the different colors are presented, but also the DuploPress engineered color profiles. In the last part, screen widths are tested and stories from everyday RISO life are told.